It appears that the deceased NPC page has not been updated in over a month and probably is not getting much use. So we probably do not need it, so we could just create a subcategory under Game Mechanics for retired webpages and put it there rather then deleting it in case someone wants to give it a try again in the future.

What we could do to track the deceased NPCs instead is the following:

On the Minor NPC list when one of them dies, we simply type in "Deceased" parenthesis next to their name. We really do not need a seperate page to keep track of them, since many of them were barely mentioned in the Born Under a Gray Sky dispatches.

On the Major NPC list we could create a Deceased Major NPC subcategory or a Deceased NPC page linked to that page.

If we decide to create a deceased Major NPC subcategory we would still keep their entries on the Major NPC category page but add a category to their pages for the deceased Major NPC page. So when someone clicks on the deceased Major NPC category they will get a list of all the NPCs that are dead.

If we decide to create a special page on the Major NPC category then we call it Deceased Major NPCs and simply have a list of all the NPCs that have died and links to their pages.

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