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    It appears that the deceased NPC page has not been updated in over a month and probably is not getting much use. So we probably do not need it, so we could just create a subcategory under Game Mechanics for retired webpages and put it there rather then deleting it in case someone wants to give it a try again in the future.

    What we could do to track the deceased NPCs instead is the following:

    On the Minor NPC list when one of them dies, we simply type in "Deceased" parenthesis next to their name. We really do not need a seperate page to keep track of them, since many of them were barely mentioned in the Born Under a Gray Sky dispatches.

    On the Major NPC list we could create a Deceased Major NPC subcategory or a Deceased NPC page linked to that…

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  • Zolo618


    September 4, 2011 by Zolo618

    Over a week ago, I submitted an image for Robert Mason that was black and white, but was replaced by another of the players. He felt that the image should be in color. After hearing this objection, I was going to point out that Corric's image was also black and white. However, it occured to me that it was OK, because he was dead.

    Later, I made a reasonable suggestion to create a seperate page for dead NPCs, and one of the players whined and complained that I only wanted to do it in order gain more points. This was not true. I only felt that there should be some way of being able to distinguish very easily who was alive and who was not.

    So if we are not going to provide a very useful list showing who is no longer with us, then perhaps we coul…

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  • Zolo618


    I just wanted to let you know that I am really enjoying the game so far. It is hard to believe, but we are nearly one third of the way through. Thanks for putting up with my imaginitive grammar and creative spelling. :-)

    Thanks again guys!


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