Okay, with my new entries on some of the weapons used by the Eastern Bloc, which I've said are now also in service with the Fed/Imps so that they have a chance of actually appearing in the story at some point, we've got an interesting conundrum. I've gotten a request earlier to put some sort of category up with the various Hand Weapons all in one place, and now I've also got enough to maybe have a separate Space Weapons category as well. The Technical Terms category is getting a bit ridiculously large and unwieldly.

So what should I do? Separate Space Weapons and Hand Weapons categories? One overall "Weapons Systems" category with everything from Lance Torpedoes and Gravitic Rams to Plasma Revolvers and Slugthrowers? And should I separate off all the Magick/Supernatural terminology from the Scientific/Technical jargon in the Technical Terms category, to create a new Magickal Meanings category? I don't want to have too many categories, but Technical Terms is just getting too big.

Martin The Mess 03:52, November 27, 2011 (UTC)

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