Well, at least I've transferred over all the Season 4.3 classes of ship from the old Earth Fleet website to this one. Next two big projects are putting up articles on the medals from that sub-page of the old EF site, and designing a few new post-Third Civil War classes of ships for this new season. Which is almost over, but next season will need new ships as well. After that, it will be going through the old Season 4.2 and Season 4.3 stories to make articles on the people, ships, and planets mentioned back then, and trying to keep it all consistent. Maybe even Season 8, eventually. Any help in doing any of the above would be very much appreciated, and if you have any questions about how, just ask, you've all got my email and most of you know where to find me on IM and Chat. Or see my talk page.

Martin The Mess 18:15, October 27, 2011 (UTC)

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