There's been quite a lot of debate over the Major NPC's category vs. Minor NPC's page. To some, it seems rather lame to have named NPC's that have no pages of their own. However, the problem is that someone has to go in and make pages for characters which have either little information to them or are infinitely disposable. My solution of simply having the character list on the Minor NPC page until they have a page of their own has not been enough to answer these concerns.

So I have a solution - using the carrot, rather than the stick approach - I have created the Order of the Star medal. For those courageous players who feel the desire to add a new page to the Major NPC category, they will be awarded membership into the Order of the Star. Depending on their continued service in this category, their level of award will augmented to reflect their dedication. This award is not limited to simply existing non-player characters, but any that have existed in the TI Universe -- past, present, and future.

Good luck to all TwikI enthusiasts! I look forward to adding your names to the Roll of Honor.

Major Sir Albigensia, MIO, GCM, SCrs, SMfG, MoD.

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