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It took five years to build the Earth Federation, fifty years to colonize and expand, and twenty years to conquer all known space. It ruled for centuries. It was the greatest empire of all time... and it only took a month to destroy it.

How do you rebuild civilization? How do you maintain order among billions of repressed beings once the leash has been broken?'

Most of all, how do you survive?

Wait, what is this place?Edit

This is the repository of background information for Tech Infantry Season 9.1 Miniseries: Little Pool of Light.  What is that?  Well, it's sort of a combination between a traditional dice-and-paper role-playing game on the one hand, and a collaboratie novel-writing project on the other.  Players create characters, and then a Storyteller crafts a story involving all the characters, with heavy input each week from the players who created the characters in the first place.  As you may have guessed from the "Season 9.1" part of the title, we've been doing this for a long time, both online and in more traditional tabletop form.  More information and the ongoing story can be found at the Little Pool of Light website, and you can ask questions about it and leave comments in the TI Forum.  If you need more information about Earth Fleet and its ships, go to this website.  We now have moved over the Universe Timeline to this wiki, with helpful links and a few corrections and revisions.

Working CategoriesEdit

The following category pages have at least some of their entries completed. If you remember details from past games that will help complete more entries or flesh out the ones we already have, please edit or create the relevant pages and help build the Twiki.

Geography - Systems, Cities and Landmarks

Life and Society - Sentient Races, Houses, Factions, Groups and Organizations

People - Active Player Characters, Retired Player Characters, Active Notable Figures, Notable Figure Obituaries, Extras, Character Lists

Histology - Universe Timeline, Historical Events, Tech Infantry Archives

Technology - Technical Terms, Military, Small Arms, Starship Classes, Small Craft, Shipboard Weapons

Plots and Rumors - Magical Artifacts, Projects and Operations

Miscellaneous: Game Mechanics, Tech Infantry Resources, Future Slang, Joke Pages

Latest activityEdit

  • discussion page Talk:Ion Drive
    new comment by Martin The Mess
    Comment: Ion drives DO have a "top speed", in that they'd run out of fuel long before they hit the speed of light.  As to how we made them was...
  • discussion page Talk:Energy Beam
    new comment by Martin The Mess
    Comment: The implication was always that it was some technology so advanced that 20th/21st century physics doesn't have words to describe it properly.  Not...
  • discussion page Talk:Energy Beam
    new comment by Warellis
    Comment: Did you ever establish just what type of energy these beams were? Were these antimatter weapons or something?
  • discussion page Talk:Fusion Bottle
    new comment by Warellis
    Comment: Hmm the fusion reactors here are the tokamak style magnetic ones or more like inertial confinement fusion reactors that fuse hydrogen-helium pellets...
  • discussion page Talk:Ion Drive
    edited comment by Warellis diff
  • discussion page Talk:Ion Drive
    new comment by Warellis
    Comment: Considering how weak ion drives are in reality for acceleration, how was the TIverse able to make them work? I mean frankly it sounds like ships here...
  • discussion page Talk:Lance Torpedo
    new comment by Warellis
    Comment: You know what I wonder? What if at some point in-setting, someone develops a reaction drive akin to the Epstein drive from the Expanse? It's a...
  • discussion page Talk:Poseidon-class
    new comment by Warellis
    Comment: I have this image of a Poseidon-class ship being sent to Gamilas in a crossover with Space Battleship Yamato 2199. :P Only here it's Star...
  • discussion page Talk:Coilgun
    new comment by A FANDOM user
    Comment: I tried to design a electromagnetic coil gun. Somehow the specifications are not working properly. The projectile is movin to a partial distance and...
  • edit Antediluvian
    edited by Grand Prince Paul II. diff

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