Until it gets lost again, at least.

The Tech Infantry Web Archive is where we keep the stories, maps, and other materials from previous games.  In addition to the nostalgia value, the old stories are valuable tools for researching NPCs, past events, aliens, cities and planets, technology, starships, weaponry... anything, really.


The Tech Infantry Web Archive includes:

Behind the ScenesEdit

The origional webpages with the stories from previous seasons initially created by Albigensia and Martin the Mess were hosted on Geocites.  Unfortunately, when Geocites went out of business and shut down their servers, the TI websites disappeared and were feared lost forever.  Thanks to the Wayback Machine, however, the Earth Fleet, some of Season 4.3, and Season 8 websites were recovered.  Moreover, when the old players got back in touch for Season 9, they discovered that although no one had complete copies of previous seasons, many had bits and pieces.  By putting it all together, we were able to recover all but one act of the Season 4.3 story.  Player/writer SirNolen set up the new TI Archive on his own website to host the old stories indefinitely, and has several backups of the data, just in case.  There is no backup for the Twiki, however, and no good way TO backup such a large and still-frequently-updated site, so if Wikia ever goes under, we're screwed.

That one missing act of Season 4.3, the hilarious TI Babies series of parody scripts by Frank, and a few other bits and pieces of TI backstory and lore are currently stored solely on the hard drive for Martin's old Desktop, which is too old to have USB, has a broken floppy disk drive, and no workable way to connect to the internet.  Some personal issues too complex to go into here have delayed a long-planned project to recover the data from that drive, but once it IS recovered, the information will be put online on the TI Web Archive. The origonal stores from Season 4.1, however, apparently remain lost forever. 

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