Just a little pinprick, there will be no more AAAAAAAAAHHHHH, but you may feel a little sick...

The painkiller known as Somjijok is an illegal medication, banned in human space due to the very narrow gap between an effective dose and a lethal overdose. However, when used properly, it is one of the few medications capable of masking the pain of supernaturally-enhanced wounds such as those caused by vampire fangs, werecreature claws, and plasma weaponry. Thus, it is often found in use by battlefield medics, back-alley chop-shop surgeons, and covert operatives.

Somjijok is of Jurvain origin, being derived from the venom of a crab-like aquatic creature native to the oceans of Mungunwha. While not technically illegal, its usual use in Jurvain society is heavily frowned upon and discouraged. This is because in the Jurvain nervous system it does not act merely as a painkiller, but it also blocks the neural impulses involved with connection with the the rest of the Jurvain Commonality hivemind, and its abuse in this fashion is popular among individuals seeking a temporary respite from the voices in their head...or seeking to do anti-social activities such as theft or murder without a few billion fellow creatures effectively looking over their shoulders while they do it.

Somjijok can be delivered by pneumaic or hypodermic syringe, skintab, or (for reluctant patients) by tranquilzer gun.

Behind the ScenesEdit

No one remembers where the term came from, and literally the only two times this term came up on a Google search was the two mentions in Episode I of Season 4.3 of the Tech Infantry story. So apparently either Andy or Marcus thought it up out of nowhere, or badly misspelled whatever they were trying to reference.

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