The Simba are werelions of Africa

The Simba are among the most powerful of all Lycanthrope breeds and some believe them to be among the greatest werecreatures of Gaia.

The Simba believe it too, and believe themselves to be the true kings of of the Bastet. They can be domineering and overbearing. Perhaps this the reason why many of the members of the other Bastet Tribes consider the Khan to be their rightful leaders.

Despite the Simba's reputation, they are known as being slayers of vampires, demons, and other evil beings.

Of the Bestat Tribes, the Simba tend to prefer prides over working independently. During the weretiger Grand Council Chairman Arthur Clarke's adminstration, many of the Simba were concentrated in some of the elite forces of the TI. The fact that Clarke kept werelions together resulted in their grudging respect for Clarke's leadership.

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