"They're Boxy, but they're Good." (click for larger image)

The Sigourney Ridge class heavy assault transports are a class of troop transport starships built by Earth Fleet in the late 2250's.  Built to replace losses suffered in the Third Civil War, Vin Shriak War, and Second Vulthra War, they were based on the Passchendaele-class transports of twenty years earlier.  They share a similar catamaran-style double-hull design with a multi-deck shuttlecraft bay serving as a bridge between the hulls.

After Erich Von Shrakenberg took a Passchendaele into combat in the Battle of Avalon at the height of the Third Civil War, Chairman Arthur Clarke didn't want to risk valuable Tech Infantry troopers dying pointlessly in space battles, so the biggest difference is that while the Passchendaele was expected to contribute to fleet battles and thus mounted heavy antiship weaponry, the Sigourney Ridge-class has only defensive armament and planetary assault systems (including Mass Drivers and Drop Pod Launchers).

The Sigourney Ridge-class dropped the heavier offensive armament of Lance Torpedoes and Fusion Cannons from the earlier Passchendaele design in favor of more troop and cargo capacity, a slightly denser layout of point-defense weaponry, and the addition of Planetary Assault Pods.

The ships are named for famous ground-combat battles since the War of Gehenna.  The first ship of this class transported Soti's Slammers and other units for the liberation of St. Michael's Star in March and April of 2265.

Known ships of this class:

  • EFS Sigourney Ridge (LSD-901)

Behind the ScenesEdit

This class was designed by Martin Hohner, and named for a terrain feature on the planet Fieras VI mentioned in a Season 4.3 storyline involving Alistar Dimiye

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