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Part Asian. Part Irish. 100% Kosher.

Rachel O'Reilly
is the daughter of Xinjao O'Reilly and Leisa Horton, a business associate of Heth, and a middle manager for House Vendo.

Rachel was born in 2244, a year after the 3rd Civil War ended, and raised on the New Israel colony in the Cronos system. At the age of seven, he father was forced back into active service in the Earth Fleet. Rachel rarely saw him until after the Second Vulthra War ended seven years later – and by then, Rachel was seventeen years old and off to college.

Despite her father being a weak mage, Rachel does not appear to be awakened, and thus was never required to serve in the Tech Infantry. Rebelling against he hyper-patriotic Earth Fleet veteran parents, Rachel chose to go into business instead of the armed services. Consequently, due to this and her father's long absence during childhood, Rachel doesn’t have the best relationship with her dad.

Ascension WarEdit

Rachel was living on the New Israel colony in the Cronos system and working for Zivat Ram Inc., a supplier of agricultural equipment, when the Caal Invasion struck, the Earth Federation collapsed, and the Holy Terran Empire was formed.  When the Ascension War began and Cronos decalred for the Empire, her parents immeadiately ran to the primary planet in the system, Cronos III, joined former governor Smythe's Cronos Resistance, and were soon unofficially running the rebel network (since they had much more military experience than the Governor).  As the fighting escalated, Rachel reluctanly got involved by aranging for supplies to be smuggled to the Cronos Resistance (a job she apparently had a talent for, as she was never caught). 

The Cronos Resistance was gradually worn down and defeated by the Imperial Army, and the last of their members (including Rachel's parents and Governor Smythe) took refeuge in the Cialt Abbey, which the Imperial Army promptly besieged.  Things looked bleak until Joseph Smythe, the de facto Chairman of the remains of the Federation, hired Heth and Miao Mercantile to extract the Fed loyalists from Cronos, which Rachel helped them do sucessfully (although it meant leaving her job on New Israel and fleeing Imperial space with them).

Rachel currently works in middle management under Herbert Gergenstein for House Vendo on New Madrid.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Rachel's actor avatar is Jennifer Welsh.

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