Tranq gun and dart for injecting Quellers into uncooperative mages.

Quellers are a chemical that, when injected into a mage, temporarily stop their ability to work magick.


Quellers are not magical. Rather, they are a drug that makes a mage dizzy, nauseous, confused, and unable to concentrate long enough to cast a spell. Needless to say, the experience is very unpleasant for the mage.

There is some evidence that some mages can still cast "rote spells" (small, simple spells that they've cast so many times they could do it in their sleep) even under the influence of Quellers.

Quellers do little or nothing to inhibit the magical abilities of werecreatures or vampires. Shapeshifters do not need to concentrate to shift into Crinos.  It does impair their ability to use certain Gifts somewhat, but it requires a massive dose to affect them. Vampires are technically dead, and thus Quellers have no more affect on them than other drugs or medications. However, Vampires who feed on someone suffering the effects of Quellers will indeed become dizzy, confused, and disoriented, and this can impair their functionality somewhat.  Ghouls, technically still alilve and with a working cirulatory system, are affected by Quellers, although it takes a larger dose to affect them.  Quellers designed for humans have little or no effect on other alien races such as K'Nes, Jurvain, Vulthra, or Horadrim, as their body chemistry is significantly different.  However, while the Horadrim usually have no magick abilities to disrupt, the K'Nes do have their own version of Quellers, developed for use in particularly hostile business negotiations to ensure no untoward magickal manipulation of either party is taking place.  The Jurvain have little need for such a drug, although the painkiller Somjijiok serves a similar function, cutting an individual off from the Jurvain Commonality hivemind (which is itself a magicakal effect).  It is not known whether or not the Vulthra have their own version of Quellers. 

An overdose of Quellers may put the victim into a coma, or even stop their hearbeat altogether with fatal results.

Delivery MethodsEdit

For a cooperative or restrained subject, Quellers are usually administered with a hypodermic or pneumatic syringe, or via a skintab.  In combat situations, Quellers are delivered via dart, much like a tranquilizer gun.

A single dose of Quellers will take effect with three to five minutes, and lasts approximately six hours.


Quellers are a controlled substance, generally only available to the government and military, or (sometimes) through the black market, where it is both rare and expensive to obtain.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Quellers were first mentioned in the TI Season 8 Middle Kingdom alternate timeline. It is not yet clear if they exist in the main timeline. If they do, they would almost certainly be employed by the Raptors.

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