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Captain Patrick Forsythe was the leader of a Crusader Team prior to the 3rd Civil War.  He was the son of a Tech Infantry trooper, who died during the first assault against the Sabbat on Wilke's Star in 2225.

Early ServiceEdit

During the Crusader raid on Jennifer's Star, Trooper Patrick Forsythe had his first real chance to prove himself in battle.  He performed exceptionally well during the war, and was promoted to a lieutenant when Gavin O'Riley, his commanding officer, ordered him to take command of the platoon after he was shot to hell.  Shortly thereafter, Lieutenant Forsythe saved two platoons that were surrounded by Black Hand forces without losing a single soldier of his own.  Both platoons had lost their commanders and half of their troops, and would surely have been decimated had Forsythe not intervened.  One of the rescued soldiers, Corporal Maria Nostros, was later promoted to a colonel and, when he noticed Forsythe's name on the critically wounded list, went to check up on Patrick (Colonel Nostros is currently the only person other than Forsythe's mother who ever calls him Patrick), who had nearly lost his leg when he jumped on a high explosive for his platoon, but had lost only five men during the entire war.  Ryan did all that he could to get "Patch" a promotion.  Forsythe was promoted to Captain and received a battalion.

However, Forsythe, who was already the quiet, impersonal type, could not form any bonds of any type with the men and women under his command.  When he lost five men in a confrontation with some very nasty vampires on Van Diemen because one platoon didn't follow his orders, Colonel Nostros saw that Forsythe wasn't ready to command an entire battalion.  He didn't have the heart to demote "Patch," but he took away the battalion and gave him a free roaming platoon.


Patrick was responsible for proving the reemergence of the Sabbat on Wilke's Star and came close to capturing Fabian Cortez.  When the 3rd Civil War erupted, the crusader teams were suspended and joined regular serving units.  It is uncertain whether Forsythe served in the war at all.  His Actor Avatar is apparently a bit of Wahammer 40k fanart found using an internet image search.