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The Passchendaele class of Heavy Assault Transports use the classic "double-coffin" catamaran hull design, which greatly increases hull volume without increasing ship length. Emphasizing troop capacity rather than equipment storage, this class carries a full Tech Infantry division of 20,000 troops, and can land them on a planet with Transit Beacons, Drop Pods, or Assault Pinnaces. It also carries a large number of fighters and is armed with multiple Mass Drivers with which to support the troops on the ground. It is not heavily armed for space combat, but neither is it entirely helpless, having a few full Lance Torpedo tubes and multiple Fusion Cannons, as well as fixed forward-facing Grav Lasers and Chemlasers. They are designed to work in concert with the Marathon and MacArthur classes of ships, with the Passchendaele carrying the troops while the others carry their heavy equipment.

Known ShipsEdit

Passchendaele LSD-601
Mons LSD-602
Sedan LSD-603
Marne LSD-604
Somme LSD-605
Verdun LSD-606
Ypres LSD-607
Gallipoli LSD-608
Veracruz LSD-609
Alamo LSD-610
Artois LSD-611
Loos LSD-612
Caporetto LSD-613 (Captained by Erich Von Shrakenberg at Battle of Avalon in 2243, lost in combat)
Cambrai LSD-614
Vimy LSD-615
Armentiers LSD-616
Khalkin-Gol LSD-617
Ain Jalut LSD-618
Kutna Hora LSD-619
Barnach LSD-620
Lech LSD-621
Manzikert LSD-622
Legnica LSD-623
Mohi LSD-624
Bataan LSD-625
Changsha LSD-626

Behind the ScenesEdit

This ship was designed by Martin Hohner, and mostly named for battles from World War One and the 19th Century.

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