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The Otto Skorzeny class of Medium Assault Transports have the distinction of being the largest starship ever intended to be able of landing on the surface of a planet.  They can rarely take off again, however.  Instead, they usually land their two battallions of troops on a planet via a combination of Drop Pods, Transit Beacons, Assault Pinnaces, and even a pair of Planetary Assault Pods. They are also the smallest class of transports to carry transatmospheric fighters to provide ground support and fighter cover for the troops on the ground, as well as a pair of twin Mass Drivers.  If forced into a space battle, they are not entirely helpless, but their Lance Torpedo Box Launchers, twin Fusion Cannons, and lone Chemlaser give them only the firepower of a Frigate or Destroyer.

Known ShipsEdit

  • EFS Otto Skorzeny LSM-701
  • EFS Alvin York LSM-702
  • EFS Rodger Young LSM-703
  • EFS Audie Murphy LSM-704
  • EFS Patrick Ferguson LSM-705
  • EFS St. Martin of Tours LSM-706
  • EFS Matej Kocak LSM-707
  • EFS Adam Selene LSM-708  (currently part of Aaron Roquefort's pirate fleet)
  • EFS Ben Richards LSM-709
  • EFS David Oxander LSM-710
  • EFS Elmer Fryar LSM-711
  • EFS George Hall LSM-712
  • EFS Dale Hansen LSM-713
  • EFS Jack Williams LSM-714
  • EFS William Clark LSM-715
  • EFS James Clancy LSM-716
  • EFS Gabriel Cole LSM-717
  • EFS Thomas Gere LSM-718
  • EFS George Boyce LSM-719
  • EFS Louis Willett LSM-720
  • EFS Clarence Sasser LSM-721
  • EFS Gordon Roberts LSM-722
  • EFS Laslo Rabel LSM-723
  • EFS Carlos Lozada LSM-724
  • EFS Daniel Fernandez LSM-725
  • EFS John P. Bobo LSM-726
  • EFS Joseph Martinez LSM-727
  • EFS William O'Brien LSM-728
  • EFS Sadao Munemori LSM-729
  • EFS Albert Schwab LSM-730
  • EFS Berger Loman LSM-731
  • EFS Reidar Waaler LSM-732
  • EFS Ernest Williams LSM-733
  • EFS Peter Quinn LSM-734
  • EFS Alfred Polond LSM-735
  • EFS Rodolfo Hernandez LSM-736
  • EFS Hiroshi Miyamura LSM-737
  • EFS Eugene Obregon LSM-738
  • EFS Joseph Rodriguez LSM-739
  • EFS Arnold Bjorklund LSM-740
  • EFS Horatio LSM-741
  • EFS Dendas LSM-742
  • EFS Katsutoyo LSM-743
  • EFS Eudo of Aquitaine LSM-744
  • EFS Mosuke Ogasawara LSM-745
  • EFS Arnold Von Winkelreid LSM-746

Behind the ScenesEdit

This entire class is something of a mythology gag. First off, the "Rodger Young" from the original Starship Troopers novel was canonically a Skorzeny-class vessel, so we had to have one as well. Several later ships in the class are named for player characters and NPC's who died in the first season of the game. The rest are, as the original Skorzeny-class from the Heinlein novel, named for foot-slogger war heroes, mostly American Medal of Honor winners, but a few other nations' heroes from other eras as well. Otto Skorzeny himself was something of a memetic badass among the original TI players, not only for his real WW2 exploits but for his fictional ones in several Alternate History novels we were fond of at the time. The ship itself was designed by Martin Hohner.

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