Dodge this, motherfucker!

The Onslaught Cluster Missile Delivery System is an older Earth Fleet starship weapon designed to deliver tremendous firepower at short range to saturate and overwhelm enemy warships' point defenses.

The weapons consists of a huge array of box launchers containing 247 individual coilgun launch tubes, each carrying a short-range, independently-targeting fusion missile larger than a Fusion Cannon shell, but smaller than a Lance Torpedo.  All 247 missiles are launched simultaneously at a single target.  The system is self-contained, can be mounted to any ship, and only power need be supplied.

This weapon is extremely effective if the range can be closed to less than 1000 kilometers.  Beyond that, though, enemy point defenses are likely to have enough time to engage the missile swarm with heavy nuclear warheads without worrying about being caught in the blast themselves.  The dense swarm of missiles is particularly susceptible to "soft kill" losses to nearby nuclear explosions setting off their own warheads in a chain reaction that can take out all or most of the missiles.  Considering that space battles are fought at ranges measured in tens or hundreds of thousands of kilometers, and the difficulty in closing to within 1000 km of an enemy warship without being cut to ribbons by their beam weaponry, the Onslaught Missile System's value was limited.  It did find some niche uses, such as in attacking swarms of  Bug ships (which have weak point-defenses to begin with), and was occasionally useful for defending ships against enemy starfighters.  Howver, in combat against alien Jurvain or K'Nes warships (or other human ships) it was largely ineffective.  Consequently, the weapon system was gradually phased out of service.

Today, they are only found on older warships (like the Nicodemus-class dreadnought) or as a plug-in weapon system for modular-capable warships (like Archer- and Mandela-class destroyers).

Behind the ScenesEdit

The Onslaught Missile System was created by Nathan Bax, and most likely inspired by the popular trope in Japanese anime of mecha firing absurd numbers of missiles.

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