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The Marathon class of Medium Assault Transports continued the tradition of the "double coffin" catamaran hull style seen in most larger transports and even the new Poseidon-class Star Control Ships.  The Marathon emphasizes cargo space for heavy equipment, and this is often used to carry Light Infantry rather than Tech Infantry forces, as they make more use of hovertanks, artillery pieces, and aerodynes.  Such gear is landed via eight Planetary Assault Pods, while the Brigade worth of troops on board can be landed via the full usual range of methods (Drop Pods, Transit Beacons, and Assault Pinnaces), although the ship itself is not equipped to enter an atmosphere.  In a space battle, this class is surprisingly formidable, being armed with full Lance Torpedo tubes, a dozen Fusion Cannons, and six heavy Grav Lasers.

Known ShipsEdit

  • EFS Marathon LSM-701
  • EFS Plataea LSM-702
  • EFS Cannae LSM-703
  • EFS Meggido LSM-704
  • EFS Masada LSM-705
  • EFS Zama LSM-706
  • EFS Kadesh LSM-707
  • EFS Pylus LSM-708
  • EFS Troy LSM-709
  • EFS Kargamis LSM-710
  • EFS Leuctra LSM-711
  • EFS Gaugamela LSM-712
  • EFS Cynoscephalae LSM-713
  • EFS Alesia LSM-714
  • EFS Pharsalus LSM-715
  • EFS Chalons LSM-716
  • EFS Issus LSM-717
  • EFS Nicaea LSM-718
  • EFS Cirta LSM-719
  • EFS Ticino LSM-720
  • EFS Trebia LSM-721
  • EFS Sambre LSM-722
  • EFS Gergovia LSM-723
  • EFS Munda LSM-724
  • EFS Mohacs LSM-725
  • EFS Taginae LSM-726
  • EFS Dorylaeum LSM-727
  • EFS Hattin LSM-728
  • EFS Alarcos LSM-729
  • EFS Tinchebrai LSM-730
  • EFS Tolosa LSM-731
  • EFS Falkirk LSM-732
  • EFS Sluys LSM-733
  • EFS Pavia LSM-734
  • EFS Durazzo LSM-735
  • EFS Lindisfarne LSM-736
  • EFS Stirling LSM-737
  • EFS Bannockburn LSM-738

Behind the ScenesEdit

The Marathon Class was inspired by the larger class of troop transports mentioned in the novel Starship Troopers, with many names taken directly from the list in the book. The ship was designed by Martin Hohner on his lunch break while substitute teaching.

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