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Rods from god

A targeting satellite and killsat utilizing kinetic "rods from god".

A Kinietic Interdiction Strike is a term for a warship or battlestation in orbit above a planet firing lance torpedoes or other projectile weapons down at the surface.  Since any ship in orbit has to be moving at around 40,000 miles an hour, a freakin’ rock tossed overboard would cause a small explosion when it hit the surface (if it didn’t burn up in the atmosphere first).  Armored warheads capable of penetrating the atmosphere at orbital velocities don’t need much inthe way of a warhead, as the mere physical momentum of their impact will make even a small projectile hit with the force of a small nuclear bomb… and there is literally no way to block such a strike.  A falling missile will blow right through a ground-launched missile or even a nuclear detonation with ease, and is moving so fast you can’t deflect it from its course.  Even if you do manage a direct hit on it with something big enough to blow it up, the fragments will still rain down like cannon shells… and stopping a kinetic warhead in midair will produce an explosion the size of an atomic airburst.  When performed from longer ranges and with higher projectile velocities, these attacks are known as Cee-fractional Strikes.

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