Jason Horner

Jason Horner

Jason Horner is Chris Snyder's Cheif Minister on Van Diemen


Jason was born into a well-connected family of politicians and lawyers living on Van Diemen. His father was an alderman in a large district in Huxley and was well respected. After he passed away, Jason ran his own campaign and was elected to succeed him mainly because of his name.

Upon becoming an alderman, Jason secured appointments to government jobs for those that would be willing to futher his political career rather then their ability to effectively meet the responsibilities of their positions. This resulted in an incompenant government and high taxes. Jason's popularity rating suffered, yet due to the prosperity of Huxley and Van Diemen the corruption of his administration was mostly overlooked, and his growing network of political allies and patronage workers ensured he had plenty of support to stay in office.

Recent HistoryEdit

After the rise of Vin Dane and the appointment of Chris Snyder as planetary governor, Jason was selected to be his chief minister, mostly because of his extensive connections within the pre-existing political establishment. While serving in Snyder's administration Jason has continued to build his patronage army and exerted much influence over those being appointed to key positions. As he had as alderman many of these officials were appointed based upon how they would be able to further Jason's career as opposed to their competence. The result has been a very corrupt and inefficient government.

Also, as with when he was an alderman taxes have increased, except they have risen to obscene heights not only due to the corruption of the administration but also as a result of having to help fund the Holy Terran Empire's war effort.

Violent opposition is starting to rise and so far the only things keeping Jason in office is the support he has from Chris Snyder and the backing of the Holy Terran Empire military.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The name for this NPC was chosen randomly. Any resemblence between the NPC's name to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental. His Actor Avatar is Rod Steiger.

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