Jurvain-K'Nes matings are banned by interstellar treaty to avoid cuteness overload from destroying the galaxy

A Hybrid is an individual who is the product of interspecies cross-breeding between sentient life forms from different planetary ecologies. Normally, such crossbreeds cannot arise through natural mating, but with either biomedical or supernatural intervention and assistance, such cross-species mating attempts can be made to succeed.

Werecreatures are the result of magick-induced crossbreedings between humans and non-sentient animals from Earth.  Much later, Project Dawkins attempted to create new were-species by cross-breeding different types of werecreatures.

Since the advent of space travel, similar technological and magickal techniques have produced limited numbers of individuals who are mixes of Human, Jurvain, K'Nes, Bug, and Horadrim heritage in multiple different combinations.  Small numbers of Humans-Horadrim hybrids have been born, including Miro Creed

Despite the biological improbability, two Human-K'Nes hybrids have appeared in the TI stories over years (Justine Macoure and Joy Ryan).  In both cases, the characters were women, magick was involved in their creation, and their appearance was essentially human with a few minor feline attributes, like cat eyes or a prehensile tail.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Martin has fought long and hard against allowing human-alien hybrids in this game, but they are indeed a part of the backstory so far. If you introduce one into your plotline, Martin will probably still yell at you, but it will nevertheless be allowed

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