Not always the most flattering of garments

A specialized type of space suit for use in zero-gravity repair or construction work. A hardsuit is designed something like a medieval suit of armor, or the skeleton of an insect. It has many rigid overlapping plates,connected by thin, flexible joints of rubberized plastic, or metal swivel rings. It provides maximum endurance for zero-g activities, as the user can hit a control to lock the suit in place and rest if they get tired. Hardsuits have full waste disposal facilities, carbon dioxide scrubbers and a rebreather circuit for maximum-duration oxygen supply, and built-in thrusters for untethered space walks. The best hardsuits are practically one-person spacecraft in their own right, with endurance times measured in days or even weeks, on-board power generators, built-in tools (such as enzyme welders),and powered manipulator arms to allow the user to exert much more force than they could with their muscles alone. Hardsuits can be seen as the ancestors of the Power Armor used by Tech Infantry soldiers for ground combat.

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