Aang? Is that you?

Golconda is the term for a Vampire equivalent of the Buddhist concepts of Enlightenment and Nirvana. A Vampire who has achieved Golconda has coquered the Beast within himself, brought himself into balance between his humanity and his bloodlust, and transcended his undead nature to achieve a state of inner peace and enlightenment.

Golconda was supposedly first achieved by an Antediluvian named Saulot, who traveled to the east some time after the Flood, and studied at the feet of eastern mystical masters of meditation. In his efforts to overcome his beastial nature, he founded several clans, including the Baali and Salubri, before finally achieving his goal and transcending the Beast within. He was later diablerized by Tremere, possibly voluntarily, and much of his knowledge was lost. The vast majority of Vampires who knew even part of the mystical lore needed to achieve Golconda perished in the fighting during Gehenna, and the few survivors mostly drifted into the ranks of the Sabbat. Malkav's imprisonment in his hallucinatory extradimensional pocket universe may be the result of a failed attempt to achieve Golconda...or even a successful one.

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