MortarFungus 4

A common low-cost building material. Fungicrete is a cement-like substance made of wood pulp, clay, and strands of a genetically-engineered fungus. The ingredients are mixed together while wet, poured into a mold, and left to sit overnight. The fungal fibers grow and spread throughout the material, intertwining and twisting together into a tangled mass. Once the fungus is killed (by a quick burst of gamma rays) and the mixture dries, it can be sawed like wood, but is stronger than steel-reinforced concrete without the use of any metal. The fungal fibers replace the rebar, and tie the ceramic and cellulose particles together into a strong, stable material. Fungicrete is cheaper but less durable than Ceramcrete, and is used on cheap low-rise housing and for things like bunkers where low cost and ease of construction trump considerations of aesthetics.

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