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The Electra class of Assault Dreadnoughts were built to the specification of the Tech Infantry, but operated by Earth Fleet, as massive ground assault ships.  They carry a full division of 10,000 TI Marines and the drop pod launchers, transit beacons, and assault pinnaces to land them, as well as two Planetary Assault Pods carrying heavy weapons, aerodynes, and hovertanks.  Also, each vessel has four mass drivers for orbital bombardment and carries six squadrons of starfighters (72 fighters total) to give support to fleet operations and provide cover for landing troops.  This ship is equipped with a first-generation gravity drive capable of forming a jump point into hyperspace, but not gravity shields or acting as realspace propulsion.

By far the most numerous class of Dreadnoughts in service during the Third Civil War, they were used mainly for space combat purposes, rather than as troop transports, especially by the Tech Infantry Rebels faction, who captured several during their initial coup attempt when their crews mutinied in support of Auntie Sarah.

Known ShipsEdit

  • EFS Electra DNL-1
  • EFS Medea DNL-2
  • EFS Theseus DNL-3
  • EFS Perseus DNL-4
  • EFS Odysseus DNL-5
  • EFS Prometheus DNL-6
  • EFS Pygmalion DNL-7
  • EFS Galatea DNL-8
  • EFS Ajax DNL-9
  • EFS Achilles DNL-10
  • EFS Agamemnon DNL-11
  • EFS Hector DNL-12
  • EFS Cassandra DNL-13
  • EFS Proserpina DNL-14
  • EFS Psyche DNL-15
  • EFS Atalanta DNL-16
  • EFS Aeneas DNL-17
  • EFS Dido DNL-18
  • EFS Scylla DNL-19
  • EFS Charybdis DNL-20
  • EFS Hercules DNL-21
  • EFS Ariadne DNL-22 (evacuated Alistar Dimiye and his men from Hadley in 2243)
  • EFS Cassiopeia DNL-23
  • EFS Jason DNL-24
  • EFS Penelope DNL-25
  • EFS Priam DNL-26

Behind the ScenesEdit

This ship was designed by Martin Hohner, based on a concept sketch by Mike Turner, who in turn was clearly influenced by the Sulaco from the film Aliens.  This class of ships are named for characters from Ancient Greek plays, poems, and myths.

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