Hide your wallet...

Deirdre was a vampire smuggler. She was known to uncover the Tech Infantry link to their support of the Frontier Worlds Territory through the Cialt Brotherhood. She was killed in the 3rd Civil War, along with her entire Resistance cell, thanks to an InSec spy.

Early HistoryEdit

Born to an affluent family, Deirdre was sent to the finest schools, where she learned the art of fencing. Though not of any ability in a brawl, she had adapted this skill to include any sword (not the two-handed, of course). One evening she discovered she was being followed after a tournament. Being armed already, instead of running or seeking help, she stood her ground. Though her skills with the blade served her well, she was no match for the (now discovered) vampire.

Seeing the fire in her spirit, the vampire spared her untimely demise and instead gave her The Gift. She spent many years under his tutilage, where she learned of Excaliber. Thinking this legendary blade would be make her unstoppable, she has since lusted after it. Once she believed she had learned everything her master could teach her, she turned on him and took his life into her .

Learning of her treachery, the Sabbat decided to invite her into their fold. She spent but one summer with them. Their devious ways were even too much for Deirdre, so she plotted her escape. Eventually opportunity knocked when a clan leader bragged about a mystic blade in his possession. She mistakenly thought this was the end of her quest, Excalibur. She took it.

Running for her undead life (there were MANY more Sabbat members back then), she finally decided extreme measures were called for. She took a new concept in mortal life, space travel, and used it to hibernate (go under) in the Voyager space mission, figuring that Sabbat memory would expire by the time she was discovered.

Modern HistoryEdit

Deirdre was dicovered in a exploratory mission to Pluto and took the lives of her rescuers to revitalize herself. Taking their ship, she set out to see how the worlds had changed. Everywhere debauchery had become commonplace. Seeing this she decided this was the time to re-emerge. She will go to any length to find Excalibur and admires most any finely-crafted or powerful sword. To the point of theft. She is an incredibly attractive woman and tends to rely on this. She will be sophisticated, sluttish or anything in between, as the situation calls for it. To cover her activities, she set up a small drug trade, so she has victims who cannot believe what happened to them was real. The original rescue ship is the one she still uses, with a few changes (Different paint, hyperdrive, etc.) called the Derision.