Turns out USB ports really ARE universal.

Dataports are cybernetic implants in a person's skull or neck which allows a direct neural interface with computer systems.  They also allow Cyborgs to have their operating software updated or accessed for maintenance and troubleshooting purposes. For cosmetic reasons, most people hide the socket in their scalp under their hair.

Wireless dataports also exist, allowing a neural connection to a computer without the limitations of skull sockets and cables.  This is more risky, however, as the connection works both ways, and leaves open the possibility of an unfriendly person hacking into your head and spying on you, stealing your secrets, or even frying your brain with hostile software like a shatter star.  For this reason, many (but not all) cyborgs prefer the more secure cable connection to either an un-networked computer, or only to networked computer systems that they know and trust.

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