Trooper Nikolai relaxing while off-duty

Trooper Damien Nikolai was a Werepuma and a soldier in the Raptors. At the time of his death, he was serving in Fifth Squad of Soti's Slammers, under squad leader Lt. Nathan Lopez.

Early LifeEdit

Damien Nikolai was born in 2242 on New Tokyo. His father was a Weretiger of the Siberian Bastet who had emigrated as a child to New Tokyo from Sakhalinsk, Russia, shortly before the Bug Asteroid devastated Earth in 2198. His mother was a Kitsune, a Japanese Werefox, who had served as a Yakuza Assassin for several years before being caught and given the choice between joining the Tech Infantry or going to prison. While serving as a soldier, she met his father and they soon had a son. The combination of his father's Weretiger and his mothers' Werefox genes left him as a werecat, but a werecat with the twin tails of a Kitsune. His father was retired from the TI after the Third Civil War to study for the Russian Orthodox priesthood, and young Damien was partly raised in a Russian Orthodox monastery on Andersvald. From the groundskeepers at the monastery, he learned fieldcraft and hunting techniques in the woods of that heavily-forested planet.

Military ServiceEdit

These skills served him well when he was drafted into the Tech Infantry at age 16 in 2258. Graduating basic training too late to serve in the Vulthra War, he was sent to fight the Bugs on Fieras and in the Arachnid Quarantine Zone. After fighting Bugs for four years, he applied for and was granted a transfer to the Raptors. Yakuza lore picked up from his mother earned him a posting on New Tokyo, and he served there for three years, chasing draft dodgers and the Yakuza. He was en route back to Andersvald for leave when the Caal Invasion hit, and his leave was cancelled, with orders to report to a new temporary posting filling a vacancy in a Marine unit on board an Earth Fleet vessel preparing to join the fleet defending Avalon. The ship was delayed, and missed the Battle of Avalon where Vin Dane destroyed the Caal. That ship ended up joining Admiral Joseph Smythe's rump Federation instead, and trooper Nikolai found himself transferred once again, this time to Soti's Slammers, a unit being made up of Raptors and regular Tech Infantry special forces.

Kalintos and BeyondEdit

Damien and the rest of the Slammers were sent to liberate Kalintos when it was invaded by the Holy Terran Empire. He participated first in the capture of the INS Alastar Dimiye, and then in the liberation of the capital city of Loud Water. Afterwards, they were sent to St. Michael's Star, where the entire unit was stranded when their Earth Fleet convoy was chased away by an Imperial Fleet task force. Fighting through the three weeks of hell that followed, Nikolai managed to survive some of the fiercest fighting of the war during the campaign in and around the capital city of Port Prosperity. Rescued at the last minute by the arrival of Admiral Smythe himself and his Star Control Ship, the Slammers were next sent to Chalfont to capture a Bug Queen, in an effort to learn the cause of recent unusual behavior by the Bug Armies. Although the Queen was successfully captured, Trooper Nikolai was killed on this mission, torn in half by the Queen's magickal telekinetic powers.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Like the rest of his squad, he was named for a friend of several of the players, who is known online at times as "Demonic Neko". A character created by this friend for a previous role-playing game had an animal familiar who was a black cat who could shapeshift into a giant puma-like flying black cat with two tails. Nikolai is also the family name of an Uncle-by-marriage of one of the other players.

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