The Tech Infantry really is pretty much based upon a combination of science fiction and fantasy. Throughout the game and in many places on this website resources have been used as a baseline to determine how both of these would playout in centuries into the future

Quite frenquently, throughout the game players and moderators will refer to published texts and resources online as resources as a baseline to determine what a race, group, society, etc., would be like within the Tech Infantry setting.

This category is meant to be an easy reference for players and moderators interested in obtaining more background material for future entries and for stories related to their characters. Players and moderators are also encouraged to enter in the resources that they have available to this page as a future reference for future participants of this game.

Each entry should be entered as a seperate page along with a brief description, and then linked to the list below in order to provide tribute to the resources that have helped to make this game possible. Keep in mind, that there could be differences between the information contained in these websites and resources in contrast to what is found in the game as result of game play along with moderator and player descretion.

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