Shuttle MK II

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The CT-4 Lakota is a heavy supply shuttle used by Earth Fleet and many civilian operators to carry cargo and passengers to and from starships in orbit, although it will require refueling before returning.  It has four composite thrusters at the rear which operate as hydrogen-fueled turbojets, ramjets, or ion-drive engines in various stages of a trip through the atmosphere and the vacuum of space.  It can carry up to 120 metric tons of cargo or several hundred passengers, depending on how close they are packed in.  They are manufactured by the Boeing/Airbus Consortium on Avalon.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The name comes from a pun on the C-47 Dakota, the military version of the venerable DC-3 airliner, which has been described as the perfect airplane, the best possible aircraft which could be built without a major improvement in basic technology. The actual design is based on the shuttlecraft from Battlestar Galactica, but only because we found a great pic to modify and use.

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