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The Barclay-class Corvettes may officially be termed "Patrol Frigates", but their puny armament and small size generally lead them to be considered Corvettes instead. Often commanded by a mere senior lieutenant, these ships are not even as well-armed as some Light Attack Craft, and are not really supposed to fight actual warships. Instead, their small chemlasers and Fusion Cannons are to be used to keep smugglers and wildcat miners from trying to escape them as they patrol asteroid belts, jovian moons, and Oort clouds of Federation solar systems. Ships of this class are named for Federation military personnel who have died in combat.

Known ShipsEdit

  • EFS Barclay PF-1004
  • EFS Netter PF-1005
  • EFS Straczynski PF-1006
  • EFS Copeland PF-1007
  • EFS Mbeki PF-1008
  • EFS Samuelson PF-1009
  • EFS Sternlicht PF-1010
  • EFS Kemper PF-1011
  • EFS Cole PF-1012
  • EFS Mirabella PF-1013
  • EFS Hernandez PF-1014
  • EFS Tranh PF-1015
  • EFS Shih PF-1016
  • EFS Torvald PF-1017
  • EFS Luthuli PF-1018
  • EFS Al-Hussein PF-1019
  • EFS Gonzalez PF-1020
  • EFS Anderson PF-1021
  • EFS Sigmundsdottir PF-1022
  • EFS Mercado PF-1023
  • EFS Robinson PF-1024
  • EFS Morales PF-1025
  • EFS Bello-Romund PF-1026
  • EFS Molino PF-1027
  • EFS Pawlyshyn PF-1028
  • EFS Kuffel PF-1029
  • EFS Rollhauser PF-1030
  • EFS Medrano PF-1031
  • EFS Marroquin PF-1032
  • EFS Klein PF-1033
  • EFS Manning PF-1034
  • EFS Hartman PF-1035
  • EFS Pinnock PF-1036
  • EFS McInerny PF-1037 (captured by Christian Federation at Phoenix in 2243, recaptured by Xinjao O'Reilly and used as Phoenix One escape vessel)
  • EFS Oxley PF-1038
  • EFS Howe PF-1039
  • EFS Stanton PF-1040
  • EFS Galligan PF-1041
  • EFS Fitzgerald PF-1042
  • EFS Woo PF-1043
  • EFS Matesa PF-1044
  • EFS Radovic PF-1045
  • EFS Dimitropolis PF-1046
  • EFS Dooley PF-1047
  • EFS Amashta PF-1048
  • EFS Pumanes PF-1049
  • EFS Glassman PF-1050
  • EFS Panell PF-1051
  • EFS Pacyniak PF-1052
  • EFS Cleys PF-1053
  • EFS Patterson PF-1054
  • EFS Sullivan PF-1055
  • EFS Higgins PF-1056
  • EFS Aitken PF-1057
  • EFS Stroud PF-1058
  • EFS Almodovar PF-1059
  • EFS Lee PF-1060
  • EFS Hess PF-1061
  • EFS Pagcatipunan PF-1062
  • EFS Voss PF-1063
  • EFS Musante PF-1064
  • EFS Burroughs PF-1065
  • EFS Harold PF-1066
  • EFS Jackson PF-1067
  • EFS Crees PF-1068
  • EFS Helin PF-1069
  • EFS Ferina PF-1070
  • EFS Farnese PF-1071
  • EFS Kudenholt PF-1072
  • EFS Lapinski PF-1073
  • EFS Kanaszyc PF-1074
  • EFS O'Donnell PF-1075
  • EFS Allegrezza PF-1076 (Captured by Hex and the Christian Federation at Valkyrie, 2243)
  • EFS Arends PF-1078
  • EFS Dean PF-1079
  • EFS Schultz PF-1080
  • EFS Wachter PF-1081
  • EFS Basciano PF-1082
  • EFS Nikolai PF-1083
  • EFS Weis PF-1084
  • EFS Huschar PF-1085
  • EFS Smolinski PF-1086
  • EFS Kraskiewicz PF-1087
  • EFS Hall PF-1088

Behind the ScenesEdit

This ship was designed by Martin Hohner, and named for a very mixed bag of characters and actors from sci-fi TV shows, writers, and relatives or former classmates of Martin himself. The class as a whole is of course named for Ensign Barclay from Star Trek.

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