Ascension Kalynn is the leader of a large revolutionary force on Kalintos.  During the reign of Emperor Vin Dane over the Holy Terran Empire, Ascension seized control of the Kalintos system from House Fransisco.

Her father had been a governor over the Jurvain Quarantine Zone, and as such she had a fair amount of contact with certain members of the alien Jurvain race.  His fair dealings with the Jurvain had earned Ascension minimal favor among some of the Jurvain, particularly among some members of the Meonhanuel Chaebol which her father was the overseer of before he became the governor.

Ascension relied heavily on those Jurvain contacts, but also made some of her own in the K'Nes weapons trade.  When Kalintos became isolated by the Jurvain Commonality's invasion and conquest of the Chalfont system, Ascension took bold steps to try and ensure the safety of herself as well as the Kalintos system from a similar fate, and met with success on account of these contacts.

Twelve of the Thirteen DwarvesEdit

During the early days of the Holy Terran Empire, a detachment of Tech Infantry veterans held out against the Empire on Kalintos.  Most of them died when the Empire arrived to take over, but one officer managed to keep his squad off the radar...

Abe Eltyre, who had codenamed himself "Thorin" during his squad's undercover operations on Kalintos, was able to conceal his team's TI roots and keep his team alive, but lost a friend and ally in the regular detachment whom he had mockingly given the codename of "Bombur".  Because "Bombur" had not been a part of "Thorin's" undercover detachment, he was unable to hide from an inquisition that the new Countess Fransisco had launched.  "Bombur" was put to death by order of the Emperor, with the sentence being carried out by the Countess and her forces.

"Thorin" had learned of Ascension's underground militia during his undercover assignment, and kept tabs on it through some of his subordinates within Ascension's organization.  After House Fransisco began to run Kalintos, "Thorin" eventually learned of Ascension's dissatisfaction with the new Countess, as well as a plan to overthrow her.  In an effort to seek revenge for his fallen comrade and make a living, he offered the full services of his squad at "discount" price, and Ascension took in the former TI veterans, who eventually became something like her personal security detachment.

Character BackgroundEdit

Ascension, being a "mere" human in a universe full of supernaturals and dangerous aliens, became socially adept at a fairly young age in order to make potentially deadly enemies into allies.  As she grew older, many of these relationships became closer, and she eventually wound up having a cadre of bullies as her closest friends.  Many of those bullies wound up in her organization, though some of them seemed to her to be "loose cannons", and were left somewhat in the dark.  She also became close with other more civil individuals, who wound up helping Ascension to structure a group of rowdy revolutionaries into a sort of militia.  By her early adulthood, some of her close friends began to refer to her as "Ace", laughing that she was "the Ace in the hole if the shit hits the fan."  Ascension became a notable public figure when her father died and she inherited his estate, much of which she used to help the industry of Kalintos become competitive.  She earned favor with many people on the planet, which also helped to grow her organization.

Her father had a love for tactics and planning, and often had her study some of the finer points of strategy when she would accompany him on visits to Jurvain space.  Ascension eventually expanded her study into broader aspects of the military traditions, and later used much of this knowledge to help her build up an almost militant organization of underground trade networking to help some industries that she had close ties with avoid paying taxes on some local transactions.  This eventually introduced her to a K'Nes weapons dealer.  She sold off more of her father's estate in order to become more deeply involved in weapon trafficking, and soon became the "go to" person for buying weapons in the system of Kalintos.  With the rise of the Holy Terran Empire, and feeling conflict on the horizon, she left the underground trade networks to some trusted members of her organization, and began to concern herself with what quickly became the profitable business of weapons in a time of war, utilizing the networks to make sales off the radar for as long as possible.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Ascension was the player character of player/writer Josh Wooden in the Season 9.1 miniseries.  The names for Thorin and his squad were taken from the dwarves in The Hobbit, the movies of which were coming out at the time Season 9.1 was being written/played.

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