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The Arizona Class are the oldest battlecruisers still in service with Earth Fleet, originally built as a class of twelve in the late 2100's.  Although equiped with a heavy armament of Lance Torpedo launch tubes, heavy Grav Lasers, and six squadrons of starfighters, they lack a gravity drive.  They're also capable of landing a battalion of Tech Infantry marines on a planetary surface using a fifty-trooper Transit Beacon and a dozen Assault Pinnaces.

Scheduled to be scrapped after the Third Civil War, shortages of new construction have kept the last few in service long past their prime.

Known ShipsEdit

  • EFS Arizona BC-24
  • EFS Patagonia BC-25 (Lost before 3rd civil war)
  • EFS Brittany BC-26
  • EFS Kerala BC-27 (Lost before 3rd civil war)
  • EFS Yorkshire BC-28
  • EFS Pomerania BC-29 (Lost before 3rd civil war)
  • EFS Queensland BC-30
  • EFS California BC-31
  • EFS Kansai BC-32
  • EFS Ontario BC-33 (Lost before 3rd civil war)
  • EFS Texas BC-34
  • EFS Natal BC-35 (Lost before 3rd civil war)

Behind the ScenesEdit

This class was described in vague terms by Nathan Bax, and fleshed out into a finished design by Martin Hohner. They are named for sub-national regions on Earth.

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