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The Akagi-class heavy cruisers were built shortly after the Nicodemus-class, and are thus considered obsolete, but a handful still soldier on in various capacities.  Several of them were upgraded later in life by removing both Grav Lasers and their forward Chemlaser turrers in favor of eight more Lance Torpedo tubes, to act as long-range fire support vessels.  This was done because they were considered too slow and clumsy to engage in battles of maneuver with newer vessels, and should thus stay safely at long range and trust to their Particle Phalanx point defense systems and three squadrons of starfighters to protect them from retaliation.

Known ShipsEdit

EFS Akagi CA-49
EFS Kaga CA-50
EFS Soryu CA-51
EFS Hiryu CA-52
EFS Shokaku CA-55
EFS Zuikaku CA-56
EFS Yamato CA-57
EFS Musashi CA-58 (captured by TI Rebels early during Third Civil War)
EFS Ise CA-59 (captured by TI Rebels early during Third Civil War, recaptued by Erich Von Shrakenberg at Battle of Avalon, August 2243)
EFS Kongou CA-60
EFS Haruna CA-61
EFS Kirishima CA-62 (captured by TI Rebels at New Madrid, March 2243, recaptued by Erich Von Shrakenberg at Battle of Avalon, August 2243)
EFS Chikugo CA-63
EFS Tone CA-64
EFS Mogami CA-66
EFS Mikuma CA-67

Behind the ScenesEdit

These ships were designed by Martin Hohner, and named after famous Japanese warships, mostly from World War Two.

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