An AT-30 Hercules entering the upper atmosphere of Copernicus

The AT-30 Hercules is the largest orbit-to-surface craft in the Earth Fleet inventory.  It is a large wedge-shaped winged Pinnace used to carry marines and armored vehicles down to the surface of a planet for planetary assault, or for carrying heavy cargo (up to 150 metric tons) and/or passengers (up to 100) between starships and planetary surfaces.  They have no built-in weaponry, but military versions can carry missiles in an internal weapons bay.  They have six hydrogen-composite engines in conformal mountings under the rear hull.  They are manufactured on Minos by Olin Industries.

Behind the ScenesEdit

This pinnace is named for the C-130 Hercules transport aircraft.  Olin Corporation is the company which Chris' father worked at for many years, which later bought out the rocket-engine company Hercules Aerospace, which Martin's uncle Bill had worked at for many years.

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