It's a drawing, not the Shroud of Turin

The AH-42 Raven is a common aerodyne originally used by the Tech Infantry to provide air support to troopers on the ground.  Although it is not capable of space or suborbital flight, its twin turbo vacuum fans give the Raven quite a bit of power and maneuverability despite the engines' small size. 

The Raven is armed with two quad gauss cannons which can be loaded with either armor-piercing rounds for use against armored vehicles or fragmentation rounds for strafing enemy troops.  The craft is also stealth screened and has a complete sensor and countermeasures suite.

Ravens are usually included in the crated ordnance found in the planetary assault pods on assault transports, which are dropped to provide ground support for an invasion force once the first wave of marines have landed on the planetary surface.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The Raven was designed by Nathan Bax, who also did the original artwork.  Yes, it's drawn in pencil on graph paper, scanned in grayscale, and then switched to the negative to make it look like some sort of high-tech blueprint.